Mark Saint Juste

As President of Zhou Limited Mark Saint Juste oversees and directs the company growth strategy through the utilization of relationships in Asia, North America, South America, Africa and Europe. Since leaving Deerfield Park Elementary School as a fifth grade teacher in 1994, Mr. Saint Juste has worked as a consultant or principle investor in the areas of real estate, commodities trade finance and education, as well as media content (music, film and television) production and distribution. He is graduate of Florida State University where he earned a Bachelors degree in Communications with a minor in Economics.

jeremy_bioVice President

Jeremy Xing Liu

As Vice President of Zhou Limited, Jeremy Xing Liu implements the company investment objectives and also develops new business opportunities as the lead liaisons for all corporate activities in mainland China. Mr. Liu has previously worked as an independent consultant for a fuel storage development project in Guangzhou, China. He is a graduate of Shenzhen University where he earned a Bachelors degree in Industrial Chemistry.


Managing Director

Joe Paolella

Joe PaolellaAs the former Managing Director of Zhou Limited Security Services Joe Paolella was responsible for the direction, implementation and supervision of all matters related to the protection and risk assessment of corporate personnel and assets. His oversight extended to the background investigation and clearance of prospective business associates and affiliates. Mr. Paolella also oversaw our corporate security mission to discreetly provide the worlds best personal, estate and asset protection service to our elite private clients around the globe. Joe Paolella is a former U.S. Marine and Federal Secret Service agent who personally protected four United States Presidents during his tenure with the agency. Prior to serving in the White House Presidential detail, he worked as an undercover Federal agent investigating and infiltrating organized crime syndicates. Due to his high level clearance and investigative work experience, Joe Paolella was recognized as one of the worlds leading polygraph experts having conducted over 17,000 polygraph tests. Mr. Paolella had no rival in the field of personal protection, security and investigation with a client list that included multiple world leaders, Fortune 500 companies and royal family members. Joe was a graduate of the University of Colorado in Boulder where he earned a Bachelors degree in Psychology. Rest In Peace And Happiness Agent Joe.


Managing Director

Wendy LoWendyLo_photo

As Managing Director of Zhou Limited Consulting Services Wendy Lo oversees business for China, U.S. and European based clients in the areas of finance, real estate sales and acquisition, manufacturing, distribution, import, export, project development and marketing. Ms. Lo has extensive work experience in the areas of finance, investment and wealth management having worked as an Executive Director at Long Ascent Corporation in Hong Kong in addition to five years at the Agricultural Bank of China in Chengdu, the Sichuan Province of China. Ms. Lo’s exceptional foresight, skill and talent in handling negotiations and projects allowed her to manage the acquisition of more than 1000 hectares of land in Ma’anshan City, China. She also led the development and building of modern and high tech infrastructure which resulted in a profitable return for investors and the positive valuation of the property market in the Anhui Province of China. Ms. Lo is a graduate of China University of Science & Finance where she earned a Bachelors degree in Finance and Corporate Management.


Operations Director

Arlen SmithArlen Smith photo

As Operations Director of Zhou Limited Security Services Arlen Smith is responsible for the direct oversight, supervision and management of all security team personnel. Mr. Smith has extensive experience in law enforcement investigations, risk management and personal protection. He worked over 20 years as a Deputy Sheriff in Los Angeles County and has provided personal protection for the King of Pop Michael Jackson and his family, Robert Kardashian and other Hollywood elite VIP’s. He has also provided corporate security, loss prevention, risk management and investigative services to business entities in both the public and private sectors. Mr. Smith is a graduate of the California State University of Los Angeles where he earned a Bachelors of Arts degree in Public Administration.